Daniel Schwab WYOMING

Community Leadership in Afton, Wyoming

Daniel Schwab Wyoming is a community leader and conservation-minded businessman based in Afton, Wyoming. Raised in Afton in the heart of Star Valley, he has a deep appreciation for the people who live there and the beauty of the natural environment.

He is the founder of multiple successful start-up companies that focus on fish and wildlife habitat restoration, such as Terrawest Conservancy, permitting the second-largest conservation bank in the United States; Renegade Wyoming, a conservation aware development; and Feathered Hook, an exclusive private fly-fishing club. 

As a young boy, Daniel spent much of his time in and around the spring creeks. His childhood experiences instilled in him a respect and love for the outdoors and nature. As he’s grown, that love and respect have become the basis for all of his professional and personal endeavors. As a conservation-minded businessman, the companies he has founded help to preserve the natural environment while creating business opportunities that help support the local economy and landowners. As a community leader, Daniel Schwab Wyoming pours time and energy into countless charitable organizations and causes, both local and national, as well as people whose futures he believes in. 

For example, he is well known for supporting wrestler Rulon Gardner’s Olympic journey, both financially and emotionally. First with Rulon winning the gold medal in the 2000 Olympics and later winning a bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics.  In fact, it was Daniel who accompanied Rulon on the snowmobiling escapade in which they were separated and Rulon got lost overnight in sub-zero temperatures, for which he subsequently lost a toe—then going on to win the Olympic bronze. 

In addition to managing his multiple businesses, Daniel Schwab Wyoming is also a longtime ranch owner who has owned and operated over 24 ranches in both Wyoming and Idaho. He possesses over 25 years of experience in property research, acquisition, restoration, preservation, and marketing and sales. One of his first companies acquired distressed ranches and worked with specialists to engineer, permit, design, and implement fish habitat restoration and preservation. Throughout the years, he has bought and sold multiple properties for conservation easements. Currently, Daniel owns an 890-acre ranch in Big Piney, Wyoming. 

Outside of work, Daniel is an avid fisherman and a talented photographer, though he has never, and will never, sell his prints for a profit. In addition to being outdoors, Daniel enjoys spending time with his big, beautiful family. He has been married for over 33 years to his wife, Kristi, and is the father to five children, and the grandfather to eight (soon to be ten) grandchildren. 

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