Many individuals enjoy helping other people less fortunate than themselves. Some blessed with more financial means often become philanthropists and join or start community organizations to help those residents in need.

Consider these lesser-known benefits of community-based volunteering.

Types of Community Groups & Services That Benefit from Volunteers

Community organizations that may need volunteers include animal shelters, healthcare services for lower-income families, various charity organizations, historical societies, food banks, soup kitchens, veteran groups, and many others.

Volunteers Benefit from Volunteer Work Too by Staying Connected to the Community

Volunteering helps not only the recipients but the volunteers themselves by way of staying connected to their communities. Volunteers often feel immense satisfaction when giving their time, assets, or funds to others in need.

Anyone can volunteer in their own communities, doing valuable activities and holding fundraisers even if they lack money.

Volunteers Can Meet New People, Make Friends, & Expand Their Community Contacts

Volunteering for some of the worthy causes in your own community can help you meet new friends and gain important social and business contacts along with acquiring job skills at the same time.

Working side-by-side with other members of your community strengthens the social structure and provides opportunities to network with others who share your interests and life goals.

Parents Can Model Compassion & Show Children How Volunteer Work Helps Others

Many families make it a point to volunteer together as a family experience. This is a wonderful way to promote good deeds and the benefits of working hard while expecting nothing in return.

Kids can also learn valuable social, relationship, and future business skills that will hopefully encourage them to do the same later when they become adults.

Pick a charity or group event that will suit the interests and ages of your children. Children and teens can have lots of fun volunteering at a local zoo, animal shelter, nursing home, art festival, or cleaning up a public park with others their own age.

The benefits of volunteering in your community are great. This activity can be fun, offers social interaction, and helps volunteers feel a deep sense of belonging to their community.