When it comes to charity, Daniel Schwab is an extremely giving person. Growing up he has always been generous, and he set a strong example to all of his children. Being charitable, giving, and generous are strong values that he embodies. His example taught his children and those around him the importance of helping those in need.

Dan supports numerous nonprofit organizations. For example, he is a proud member and supporter of the University of Wyoming’s Cowboy Joe Club, as well as the Steer-A-Year program, contributing to scholarships and resources for student athletes at the university.

He also supports Pheasants Forever, Boy Scouts of America, Brad Davis Charitable Foundation, Wyoming State Firemen’s Association, Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, American Cancer Society, Twin Territory, The Nashville Tribute Band, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wasatch Fly Tying and Fishing Expo, Foothills Elementary School, Wyoming Investigators Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Turning Point Lincoln County Self Help Center, and Gifts of Grace. 

Giving back and helping others comes easy to him, it is in his nature. He is always helping others, and it does not stop at nonprofits. He also helps his local community. He provides charity through his local church as well as to families in need. Every Christmas, he picks several families to help anonymously.

Those around him have always admired his dedication to helping others and giving back. He contributes quietly and anonymously because he does not want recognition or attention for doing what is right.

Daniel has a motto that he lives by: “When in doubt, give.” This is something he has done and will always do. Taking care of others and giving back to our community connects us to others, creating stronger and happier communities.