In the past several years, people have been making it a priority to value sustainability and environmental activism. There are many inspiring examples of those who have taken this concept seriously and made a change. Some of the famous names include Wangari Muta Maathai and Greta Thunberg. This cause is more serious than ever, especially with the planet experiencing its worst ever climate crisis currently. There are ways for everyone to get involved with environmental activism, and they are not always expensive. Below we will take a look at some environment-focused community service ideas as featured in an article on Do Something.

Planting trees

As mentioned above, Wangari Muta Maathai made it her mission to plant over 20 million trees in Kenya alone and inspire other countries in Africa to do the same. Trees are being cut down each day to make different consumer products and to make room for building communities. This means we have to replenish them, or we will end up losing all of our trees. Trees help to decrease soil erosion and offset carbon emissions. The Arbor Day Foundation is an organization that can get you started on becoming a tree planter.

Hosting Clean Ups

This concept has become increasingly popular over the years especially with companies such as 4Ocean. However, you do not have to partner with an organization in order to help clean up your own community. Many people do this with a group of friends or use it as a family activity. It is not very difficult and you do not need many resources to participate. Cleaning up trash helps to remove harmful items from animal habitats, decrease groundwater pollution, and keep trash from being swept into the oceans.

Protect Public Lands

 The US National Parks are some of the most stunning structures we have on this earth. It would be a total shame if we were to lose them due to letting our environment become completely ruined. The parks are also home to many different wild animals such as foxes, buffalo, mountain goats and bears. They will lose their lives if they do not have a home to live in. There are many different ways to volunteer to protect national parks, and there are even programs for kids to join in on the cause as well.