The great state of Wyoming offers beauty and wonders to the world that most people will never witness.

Being raised in the mountains of Wyoming, Daniel Schwab has found treasures he wants to share with the world. As a professional photographer, he set a goal to photograph all of the high mountain glacier lakes in the Greys River Range.

He realized while he has the opportunity to see these lakes, most of the world will not have the chance, so he wanted to create a solution. He is finishing up another year of his project, where he finds and photographs these lakes.

Originally, he thought there were roughly 30 lakes in the Greys River Range. Wrapping up his fifth year, he has found over 150 lakes, some of them still unnamed, as they were not discovered before.

Schwab says God gave him the gift of photography and he wants to share this gift with everyone. He has never sold any of his pictures, he only shares and gifts them. He uses these photos in calendars, he has been featured in numerous national magazines, he gifts them to his family, friends, and neighbors, and much more.

To reach these lakes, Schwab starts out by horse. Rarely does he get to ride a horse all the way to the lake. Most of the time he is so high up in the mountains and so far off a trail, he has to hike the rest of the way to reach his destination.

This project is not an easy one, but it is one he has found a passion in and has blessed many lives with.