When you think about your family, you likely have fond memories of time spent together and quality conversations. You may also think about traditions that are unique to your family or the values you were raised on.

Philanthropy can be beneficial to families for many reasons, including bringing people closer together and teaching children important skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Many people feel that it is difficult to start this type of family activity, but working toward charitable goals can be easier than you think. There are three main ways to encourage philanthropy in your family.

First, set aside time to talk about causes and charities together as a family. This conversation doesn’t have to happen all at once; in fact, if you start this activity more than once throughout the year, it may be better. Whenever possible, make sure that everyone is present for these family meetings. It’s important to actively listen and take part in the conversation so that the topic is meaningful for each person. Before starting a conversation about causes and charities, be sure to explain the difference between what is personally beneficial and what helps other people.

Second, donate together as a family whenever possible. This might mean organizing a fundraiser, participating in service projects, or even just donating spare change throughout the year. Regardless of size, every donation counts and is an important way to support good causes. If you don’t have time to keep the spare change, simply write a check for a few dollars each month. It’s also important to be aware of what organizations your child might want to donate money or time to. This will help them develop a sense of responsibility and means that you can support their decisions by matching the donation or volunteering as well.

Third, talk to your children about the impact of philanthropic activities. Be sure that they understand what it means to give back and how people can use resources to help others. This will increase their empathy for other people around them and will also help them feel responsible for making a positive change in the world.

In conclusion, encouraging philanthropy in your family is a positive way to promote greater understanding and come together as a family. For more information, click here.