TerraWest Conservancy is a habitat conservation and land management company, which I founded in 2012. We at TerraWest are strong believers of fish and wildlife habitat restoration and land conservation.

TerraWest Conservancy is based out of southwestern Wyoming and is a leader in establishing mitigation and conservation banks that preserve, restore, and enhance riparian and wildlife habitat in perpetuity. Its expertise is centered in habitat development and land stewardship projects for diverse wildlife habitations.

The company’s mission is “providing economical, ecological, and perpetual solutions for wildlife and their environment.” Its services also include environmental consulting, regulatory compliance, mitigation, and credit marketing and sales. Its also experienced in upland permitting and compliance, which ensures TerraWest’s environmental solutions satisfy the most stringent regulatory standards.

Our business model and land restoration concepts have been recognized on a national level and have caught the attention of notable magazines.

By utilizing diverse conservation tools, TerraWest helps preserve, restore, and enhance natural resource values. All conservation projects have and will cultivate a healthy, functional, and successful environmental model.

Continuous and efficient conservation is the foundation of TerraWest Conservancy.