Philanthropy describes the desire to promote the welfare of others expressed by generous donations to good causes. Philanthropy is not just a way to improve public relations. Acts of philanthropy benefit both the philanthropist and the community towards which the actions are directed. What then are the benefits of philanthropy?

Giving Privately Satisfies Human Needs

Acts of philanthropy, as stated before, benefit both the philanthropist and the community. While the community is allowed to achieve its dreams, the philanthropist gets profoundly satisfied in life. Philanthropists often say that they found meaning to life and happiness through philanthropy in ways previously thought impossible. There is immense joy in giving, more than there is in receiving.

Giving Can Be Fundamental To A Company’s Success

For a company, giving can significantly improve company-community relationships. Good relationships can, in turn, bolster the company’s competitive edge. Market research has shown that consumers are more likely to buy products from brands associated with good causes when quality and price are constant.

Company’s that engage in philanthropic acts also have more loyal employees. Loyalty from employees fosters good working relationships and, as a consequence, builds on profitability and success.

Giving Fosters Democracy and Reduces Reliance on Government Support

Whereas government support is essential for community growth, independence from the government is vital to provide a space to breathe. Philanthropy has been the significant driver of civil freedoms and the greatest supporter of technological and research advancements throughout history.

Philanthropy has always been vital in bringing about necessary community change. When governments are oppressive or when they stifle community voices, philanthropic acts are the fuel required to bring change.

Charitable action has always been the most significant driver of democracy. For society to afford candidates who bring about change and prosperity, a philanthropist should sponsor them.

Philanthropy Bolsters Freedoms and Re-enforces Human Rights

Some communities may find it challenging to fulfill their fundamental human rights. Access to clean water, decent clothing, and food is not always easy for everyone. Through philanthropic acts, such members of the community are humanized. When all members of the society are empowered, the community grows, and so does the nation.

While governments may be bound to provide human rights, the same cannot be said about human freedoms. Freedoms are an integral part of life as they make life worth living. Charitable acts have been instrumental in fighting for all forms of freedoms, from sexual freedoms, freedom of expression, and association, among so many other freedoms.

Philanthropy is the backbone of any society. The gaps that philanthropists fill are instrumental for the growth of society. All able members of society should consider philanthropy as a way to better the community around them.