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The summer months are a great time to volunteer in your community. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, retired, or on vacation, there are plenty of opportunities available to volunteer this summer. And volunteering can help you grow personally and professionally. There is so much to do in your community, so why not give back?

Provides real-life experience

Volunteering, especially during the summer, allows you to learn skills and gain experience in a field that interests you. Whether working with children at the local YMCA or helping with environmental projects, you will get first-hand knowledge that can’t be duplicated in a classroom.

Meet new people

Volunteering requires a team effort, and you will often find yourself working with people of different ages and backgrounds. Volunteering is an excellent way to interact with new people and develop new friendships.

Builds character

Volunteering is a rewarding experience because you are making a difference in the lives of others. Volunteering can also make you feel more confident about yourself as you accomplish tasks and meet challenges that were once overwhelming. Volunteer work also allows you to explore your values.

Supports the community and its needs

Volunteering is beneficial to the people in need and you and your community. Volunteering helps keep your community vibrant and active.

Provides enrichment for yourself and others

Volunteering allows you to explore interests you might not have time for otherwise. Often, volunteering will enable you to express a part of your personality that you don’t get a chance to show in other areas of your life. Volunteering can also boost self-esteem as you see how your efforts impact the lives of others around you and help them reach their goals or dreams.

Provides health benefits

Volunteering provides many health benefits, including stress relief and physical activity. Admittedly, you will not get exercise from volunteering for one organization, but you can stay active by volunteering in different settings throughout the year.

There are so many volunteer opportunities available to you in the summer. Volunteering is beneficial for you and others and can also be fun. Volunteering does not have to be limited to your community, either. Many organizations offer volunteering opportunities abroad in different countries and within the United States. If you are looking for ways to get involved, try volunteering this summer.