Summer is coming up very soon, and many people worldwide are excited to get back outdoors into public spaces after a year of being restricted. More opportunities for larger gatherings are starting to become possible as the vaccine becomes more widely available. If you are looking to get back out this summer and are also interested in helping your community, the following list might be helpful to you. Below we will discuss cool ways to give back to your community as we re-enter into a state of normalcy. 


Firstly, you must adequately assess your community and discover what it is that they need. Every community in every city and town has different demographics and will have other wants and needs. The best way to know for sure the best way you can help is by reaching out to leaders in your community’s nonprofit organizations and seeing what volunteer opportunities would be helpful to them, such as working at a soup kitchen or organizing a clothing drive. 


For children and families, there are a ton of activities to participate in that are not only fun but also genuinely beneficial to the community. For example, many kids love to host their own lemonade stand or even put on a bake sale. By doing so, the proceeds from these stands can be saved and donated to whichever organization the children decide to help, instilling a strong sense of community in them while also letting them have fun. In addition, families can grow to produce together at their homes if they are able to; once the produce is ready to be eaten, they can donate it to those in need. 


Along with this, it is quite easy to organize a food drive. You can always collaborate with supermarkets, churches, and other organizations that are willing to help in the community. Create a list and acquire foods that people need the most. Even though food drives are more prevalent during the holiday season, they are always helpful all year round. 


Lastly, if you do not have much you are able to donate or supply on your own, it is always helpful to assist in cleaning up a public space. Trash affects everyone in the community, and collectors can use as much help as they can get. This can also be a fun family activity and only requires a few inexpensive tools to participate in, such as trash bags and gloves.