Daniel Schwab is the epitome of living the American dream. He is a dedicated family man, a hard-working American businessman, and a successful entrepreneur. 

Born and raised in Star Valley, Wyoming, Schwab developed a passion for wildlife and the outdoors from a young age. This passion has encouraged him to create an empire of preservation and restoration. Through his determination and tough grit, he has opened doors to find success; and become the powerhouse that is Daniel Schwab.

Schwab is a patriotic, spiritual, and confident natural leader. He has held leadership positions in his local church, spent extra time coaching his children in sports, served an 18-month mission sharing his religious beliefs, and been a strong leader his whole life. He loves his country and is an example of patriotism. He falls quickly into leadership and motivational rolls; it is clear to see why he has found success in his life.

Being charitable comes easily to Schwab. He has given back to his community in countless ways. He supports his local community, the University of Wyoming, religious and faith-based organizations, and political affiliations. Schwab is always to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, support others, and encourage people always to find the positive.

Even more so, Schwab is a dedicated family man. He and his wife of 33 years have raised their five children in the same valley he grew up in. To his children and now six grandchildren, he is an example of persevering through challenges and being true to yourself and what you represent. He has taught them to stand up for what is right and be the hardest working person in the room. 

As a respected American businessman, Schwab has dedicated his life to the conservation of land and wildlife habitats. In 2012, he started Terrawest Conservancy, a habitat development and land management company. He is a firm believer in fish and wildlife habitat restoration and land conservation. Terrawest Conservancy is based out of southwestern Wyoming and is a leader in establishing mitigation and conservation banks that preserve, restore, and enhance riparian and wildlife habitat in perpetuity. The company’s mission is to “provide enduring ecological solutions for the benefit of our stakeholders and the lands we conserve.” His business model and land restoration concepts have been recognized on a national level and have caught notable magazines’ attention.

Schwab continues to expound upon his passion for the outdoors with another one of his companies, Feathered Hook. Created in 2006, Feathered Hook is an exclusive, private fly fishing club. It provides guided fishing trips on over 100 miles of sheltered water. Feathered Hook believes in responsible stewardship, which is why the company has invested in fish habitat restoration to guarantee their guests have a private, unique, and premier fishing experience. 

As a Wyoming ranch owner with over 20 years of experience, Schwab bought Deadman Ranch. In 2005, he became the property owner and shortly after began restoration projects to restore and preserve its natural beauty. Since then, he has created Renegade, conservation-minded real estate development located at Deadman Ranch. This company offers an unmatched opportunity to own a piece of majestic real estate. Renegade promises to be a destination that is the perfect balance between formal and experiential living. It offers a chance to discover a sophisticated luxury in Wyoming’s legendary wilderness and promote exploring the off-the-grid Renegade adventures.

Schwab has many gifts and talents. As an avid landscape and wildlife photographer, he has blessed the lives of many. He has never sold or profited from his photographs. Instead, he gifts and donates them to charities as a means to demonstrate the gift of Mother Nature and the beauty of God’s Earth. He spends countless hours horseback riding through Wyoming’s wilderness to capture incredible photos of the hidden high mountain lakes. He enjoys fly-fishing, hunting, and mountain biking. He is a lifelong Wyoming Cowboys fan and enjoys supporting their athletics department by regularly attending sporting events and donating to the university.

Daniel Schwab is a force of nature: unstoppable, unchallengeable, unforgettable.